Difference Between Café Racer Jacket And Double Rider Jacket

This guide covers everything you need to know about Cafe racer jacket and double biker jacket

Jackets never go out of fashion and there are many inspirations for us from which we can assume that jackets are a true statement of fashion. Here you will know the exact Difference Between Café Racer Jacket And Double Rider Jacket.

Many people around us get confused over types and styles of jackets. One of the most sold and in demand jackets is Cafe Racer Jacket. But people confuse it with the Double Rider Jacket. We will go through their differences so you know what’s your style!

Key Differences Between Cafe Racer and Double Rider Jackets:

Choosing jackets according to your style can be a bit hard if you do not know the clear difference. Many people assume that both Double Rider Leather Jackets and Cafe Racer Jackets are the same. But it is completely wrong. Both are quite different from each other!

Let’s Discover What Are The Main Difference Between Both Leather Jackets:

Difference in Design of Jackets:

If you are looking for a minimal design, then Cafe Racer is the one. Similarly, if you want to add something more iconic, then a double rider jacket is the one. The former is more stylish than the prior.

Collars and Front of Jacket:

If you look according to design, the most clear difference lies in collars and front. The collar style of Cafe Racer is band shaped. When it comes to double rider jackets, they have lapel styled collar on them. The Cafe Racer jackets have a front zipper where as the Double Rider jackets have an off center zipper in them.


The Cafe Racer jackets have simple jacket with contrast color combos. When we talk about the double racer leather jackets, they have more flashy details and shiny accessories in them.

Pros and Cons of Both Jacket Types:

Below are some positive and negative points of both the jackets:

Why and Why not to Choose Cafe Racer?

Cafe Racer jackets are simple and classy that are specially designed for formal or daily use. They also have few pockets but they look quite elegant.

Why and Why not to Choose Double Rider Jacket?

The Double Rider Jacket includes flashing details with perfect color contrast. They are not only having plenty of pockets but they are also perfect for riding. But they are more than a simple designed jackets.

FAQs | About Difference Between Café Racer Jacket And Double Rider Jacket:

Below are the Frequently asked questions about Difference Between Café Racer Jacket And Double Rider Jacket:

What is Double Rider Leather Jacket?

Double Rider biker jackets are flashy and appealing. The belt, the epaulettes, the asymmetrical zipper, the coin flaps, the length, the zipper pockets, the silver fittings, the sleeves closures, and the distinctive leather material are all distinguishing characteristics of the Double Rider jacket.

What is a Cafe Racer Jacket?

Café racer leather jackets have snap-tap collars, a simple colour scheme, and a tight, snug fit. While riding your bike on the road, the snug fit keeps the air from coming in and are riding your bike on the road, the snug fit keeps the air from coming in and also provides a comfy essential element.

Which Jacket is More Comfortable?

The double rider jackets are more comfortable for long rides. But Cafe Racer are quite light in weight so they are perfect for a day or night wear. When it comes to comfort, there are certain other things to consider including the material of jacket and the lining that covers it internally.

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Concluding Thoughts:

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