Fight Club Jacket

The Fight Club Jacket is a very iconic piece of clothing in the series of cool leather jackets. The Fight Club Jacket is a style of jacket that has been made famous by the 1999 film Fight Club. The jacket was designed by costume designer Michael Kaplan, who was given the task of creating clothing for Tyler Durden, played by Brad Pitt.

The film's protagonist, Tyler Durden, assembles a group of men to form an underground society without the constraints of modern life. The members wear only black clothing and act as anti-social outcasts, in contrast with their white collar jobs.  In the film, Tyler Durden wears a distinctive black leather jacket with an inky blotch on the back that appears to be a tattoo or birthmark.

Brad Pitt is already a heart throb and because of this appearance, he became a style icon again. There are million of Brad Pitt fans and millions of Fight Club Jacket fans. Due to high demand of this jacket, many retailers made it quite expensive. If you are looking for Original Fight Club (Tyler Durden) Leather Jackets, we are going to help you out with our latest collection.

Introducing Fight Club Tyler Durden Jackets:

We at Cafe Racer bring you a Fight Club Tyler Durden jacket. These are expertly handmade by our team of professionals to provide you with a style and quality that is similar to the original. The jacket from our Fight Club Jacket Collection is carefully handcrafted by our experts with the utmost attention to detail. The Tyler Durden Leather Jacket is stylish and best for Brad Pitt Fight Club Jacket fans.

Tyler Durden's leather jacket is made of pure Red leather. With contrast cream stitching that matches the original and reddish wrinkle resistant lining throughout the entire jacket.  These jackets also feature inside pockets and flapped exterior pockets. The overall sleek and stylish appearance is similar to Brad Pitt's Tyler Red Leather jack and includes full-length sleeves and a customized fitted length jacket with a full zip.

Custom Made High Quality Fight Club Jackets:

We have the best leather you'll find, and we do not really think it's fair to charge you a pretty penny for it. Despite the fact that our leather Fight Club jackets are Italian, we make every effort to keep our prices as low as possible. You will not compromise quality for a lower price. This level of quality can be found elsewhere, but only by lavish designer brands at high cost.

Our jackets are available in three different thicknesses: black, red/white, and red. These are neither too thin, as in standard Italian fashion calfskins, nor even too thick. They are ideal for our slim-fitting styles and is extremely durable. We also use luxury suede leather in our cool Fight Club jackets.

Your Fight Club leather jacket will fit you like something of a glove and have the exact same appearance as an original vintage jacket. Provide us the size details and we will get you what exactly you want!

Our Story:

In 1998, we began selling vintage-style leather jackets for men and women. We keep our promise to provide the customer with high-quality service. We started with 5 craftsmen and only 20 jackets. Soon we started getting more orders. In 2012, we shifted to online business.

We use Italian leather, which we have discovered to be the ideal leather for our styles. Then we shifted to make customized designs for special TV series and movies editions. We not only make the exact designs, but our creative designers also add interesting details in the outfits for you.

To ensure the look is authentic, we stay as true to classic style leather jackets as possible. The exact same is true for our movie recreations. In order to make our leather jackets appear as if they were taken directly from the screen, we will come as close as we can to doing so.

Our services:

No matter how great a product a retailer sells is, in our opinion, it is meaningless if the customer service is lacking in decency, compassion, and understanding. Please contact us if you have any questions about styles, leather, fit, or anything else. We want you to have a positive experience purchasing from us because it is your money. Your Fight Club jacket will indeed be your best leather jacket investment. Before you make a purchase, we are happy to talk through any questions with you. 

We will also offer you 24/7 support and service to help you buy the perfect fit! From adding simple to complex details, we will provide the end to end service for each of our client. You will get delivery at your doorstep and wait no more for the orders and perfect purchases.

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Why Choose Us for Buying Your Favourite Fight Club Fit?

Picking up something classy and exact same design can be hard as there are a lot of scammers in the market. But we are here to help you out! We started our online business with Café Racer mainly and then we added further sub categories as well. We then introduced Fight Club Jackets for our valuable customers because of high demand.

If you want the exact same design of leather jacket, then you are at the right place. We have a team of most creative designers and craftsmen that will also customize the styles of jackets the way you want.