Our Story

Leather Moto is the brand to help you choose the top picks of apparel you have been wanting. Every wardrobe is incomplete without jackets, coats, and even top-rated outerwear. We have fine Leather Jacket and coats of premium quality.

We started with a small leather jacket business. Soon we found out that there are many things that the jacket and coat industry lags. We could not cope with the customer demands and make up-to-date classy styles. So, we started our own manufacturing and tailoring store. Then we started our factory outlet. We hired a staff of almost 50 persons at first, including craftsmen, engineers, tailors, and fashion designers. 

Although there were many big outlets at the time we started. But we came up with the surprise that every brand sold leather jackets, outerwear, and coats with almost 40% profit on each item. So, we came up with the idea of making a cost-effective solution for our customers with Leather Moto. Leather moto is the brand where you will get the most affordable outerwear with premium quality. 

Get Premium Quality Jackets, Coats, and Outerwear:

We have 100% super quality and premium coats, jackets, and outerwear for you. Our collection includes both menswear and womenswear. We will soon launch the kid’s category soon. Why are we best? Well, there are different things included in our brand, below are the reasons why our collection is best:.

Premium Raw Materials

All our jackets are fabricated with high-quality material. The jackets have full-grain natural leather, and feature polyester lining. Our Zippers are of high quality and rust resistance.

Professional Craftsmanship

All our craftsmen are experienced and professional. They make sure that each item tailored and made is of high precision and that there is perfect detailing in the design.

Custom Fit Outerwear

You can buy custom-fit wear at the most reasonable cost. You can approach us and tell us the accurate dimensions. As a result, get tailor-fit outfits. They will fit the body size and body style. 


You will get the most fashionable, trendy, and classical outerwear and casual wear from us. Never go out of style with our most in-demand jackets, accessories, and outfits.


Our leather is genuine and of premium quality, made from real sheepskin, cowhide, and others. Delivering 100% quality is kept the standard, and we do not compromise on it.

Cool and Approachable

These outfits are easy to wear, stylish, and of great variety. Wear them anywhere, anytime, and accessorize them with our top-rated accessories to mark slaying impressions.

How it Began

Leather Made. Since 1998.

We started with a small business idea. It was 1998 when we took initiative by hand stitching the Cotton and Leather Jackets. We took start from 20 jackets and gradually the demand and sale increased. Jackets for both men and women of our brand became famous within a year in our hometown. In 2012, we took an initiative of selling the luxury Biker Jacket and other jackets online. Soon, our Facebook page became famous and we started generating sales from it as well. Then we shifted to the website and created a strong trusted relation with our customers.

leather making Today Leather

At Leathermoto.com

We are revolutionizing the way leather is made. We are utilizing modern techniques and cuttingedge technology to create superior leather products that offer superior performance and style. Our process involves the latest in computeraided design and manufacturing techniques so that our leather products are of the highest quality and craftsmanship. We also use premium leathers and natural dyes to craft the perfect leather items for our customers. Our goal is to provide a superior leather product that is both stylish and durable. We believe that our commitment to quality and craftsmanship will set us apart from others in the leather industry.

To learn more about the types of leather we use, check out our Leather Types page. Here you‘ll find information on the different types of leather we use in our products. We‘ll tell you all about the different types of leather and how they are used in our products. You‘ll also learn about the different treatments, finishes, and colors we use to bring out the best in our leather products.



We have custom tailor-fit jackets and outfits that are top trending, and most importantly, they are a super and preferred choice for every person. We are now taking custom orders online and selling to our regarded and respected customers. Ranging from casual wear to custom-made trendy and classical wear, you can buy the best ones right now. 

Basic Question

The thing that never goes out of fashion is Riding Gear, Leather Moto is here with the most affordable and stylish outfits and accessories. The Special and Worth-Noticing Thing in our Leather Riding gear is that it is of 100% quality and perfection. We never compromise on customer satisfaction and comfort; that’s why we have a special QC team to make sure that the order delivered to you is beyond perfection.

No matter how appealing a style of a jacket is, it cannot make you look attractive and fashionable if it does not fit you well. There are ready made biker jackets, hoodies, bombers and Café Racer jackets of all sizes from small to double extra-large. Therefore LeatherMoto came up with custom-fit outfit ideas, so you will not need to worry about stitching and tailoring. Provide us with the dimensions, and we will provide you with custom tailor-made fits. But if you want a custom fit jacket or coat, then we can help you as well.

Our specially tailored jackets are MADE FOR YOU! You cannot only choose the size of the jacket but also pick your favourite colours. You can choose the measurement and size of collars, waist, chest, cuffs, neck, width and total length and place an order. Make sure to double check your full body measurements before confirming the order!

This is a digital era. Almost 70% of people follow influencers and social activists regarding style and fashion. So, if you are a blogger, an influencer, or any artist with a big fan following. Then GRAB THE OPPORTUNITY TO EARN WITH US. We offer an earning opportunity for all the social influencers by giving them 10% cash back on every purchase that will come through their reference.

You will need to purchase your favorite pick and then give us your feedback with your social media handle and the following number. Our social media team will go through the accounts, engagement, and content, and then we will reach out! We will provide you with a specific promo code, and if someone buys the Café Racer jackets or other stuff from us, we will send you payment after each delivery!