8 Ball Jacket

(90’s Trend that never goes out of Fashion )

This iconic jacket was such a blast in the era of 60's- a prominent era for Michael Hoban, San-Francisco based designer then later, this jacket was modeled by Jerry Seinfeld who played the character in a 90's comedy TV serial " The Reverse Peephole" Back then, the huge hype for 8 Ball Jackets was created thanks to Jerry Seinfeld, who is also known as "8 Ball Jacket Guy".

The Seinfeld television series has attracted the attention of many people with the comedy of Jerry and his friend going through everyday life in the city of New York and has successfully telecast the 9th season of its show. Once again, this 90s fashion 8-Ball jacket is back. This "8-Ball jacket” is considered a symbol of Michael Habon's signature jacket that represents the journey from the streets of San Francisco to the Hall of Fame. Finding the iconic piece of clothing is quite a hassle, especially when you are a fan of Seinfeld. Leather Moto returns to the game with the Seinfeld-inspired 8-Ball Jacket. So, you can grab it as soon as you can.

Leather moto has a huge variety of 8 Ball Jacket Women, 8 Ball Jacket Men, and Jackets for Kids. These jackets are made by considering all the quality and other factors. So, you can style this 8 Ball Leather Jacket with pride. The best part of this funky yet classy jacket is that it is not defined by gender. Anyone can wear it, whether men, women, or kids.

This leather jacket is designed in a smart way and comes with full sleeves, two pockets outside, and a full zip fastening at the front. Furthermore, these 8 Ball Jackets such as the 8 Ball David Puddy Black Leather Bomber Jacket, or the  David Puddy Black Seinfeld 8 Ball Jacket are ideal for gifting to loved ones and serves as a great conversation starter because people appreciate cool and decent items. You can wear this jacket not only at parties but also on a daily basis. Add this beauty to your wardrobe and let the bright colors make you smile.

Why Choose Us?

Spend money that gives you value in return. At Leather moto, we believe in providing quality products. Our team has made efforts to design the apparel in a way that won’t disappoint you ever.

All Possible Sizes Are Available

Everyone deserves an equal chance to wear the apparel they dream of. That's why we have every possible size available at our store. Moreover you could also take a look at the Blush Pink Kids 8 Ball Tri Color Jacket, or the 8 Ball Navy Leather Hooded Jacket that'll be a perfect fit for your kids. In case you still think that you need to place a customized order, Leather moto is at your service. To place a custom order, share your exact size details at contact@leathermoto.com. Choose your favorite product, and add it to your cart now.

Price Factor

Leather moto uses the best raw material to manufacture the jackets. We provide 8 ball jackets for an affordable price that ranges from $160 to $220. Our store's affordable pricing ensures you won't exceed your spending limit. Enjoy your shopping!

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